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LapTime Club celebrates its first 1000 members

Time flies! Just one year ago we were officially launching the LapTime Club Community designed to generate disruptive ideas about Motorsport world. Thanks to the contribution of all the community members, LapTime Club is growing month after month and today we are celebrating a special happening: the community has reached the number of 1000 innovation enthusiasts. The community members come from all around the world and believe in the power of open collaboration, because as Mr. Deward said:

“Minds are like parachutes; they work best when open”

Nowadays, numerous breakthrough innovations have improved our lives in significant and profound ways. It is important to remember however, that these developments often started with a basic idea, which provided an initial framework for additional innovations and improvements. This was also the original idea behind the LapTime Club Community that became in time a reference community for people who are passionate about Motorsport. 

“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower” (S.Jobs)

Who did say that only professionals can innovate? Innovation isn’t just for professionals anymore: passionate amateurs, thanks to their creative approach and to the new tools, are creating products and paradigms that companies alone couldn’t. It’s a kind of bottom-up innovation process that can be seen in the most fascinating, futuristic projects emerging today. It simply starts with being open and alert to what’s going on around you right now. Joi Ito, influential thinker, speaker, and seed investor driving the international development of the Internet, gives a suggestion about this issue in his TED Talk: 

“Don’t be a futurist, he suggests: be a now-ist”

YouTube Preview Image

Creativity and enthusiasm are the two main ingredients of the LapTime Club project, an online meeting point where people spontaneously make themselves available for sharing ideas and insights about how to improve the Motorsport world thanks to their knowledge and experience. According to Steve Jobs: 

“Creativity is just connecting things. When you ask creative people how they did something, they feel a little guilty because they didn’t really do it, they just saw something. It seemed obvious to them after a while”shutterstock_229031989

best_ideaToday the LapTime Club Community has reached an important milestone of 1000 members, considering it not only an important goal but also, above all, a new starting point for reaching always greater results. Keep on innovating with other members of the LapTime Club Community and don’t forget that:

“The impossible is often the untried” (J. Goodwin)


WinTAX4: Four Industries Where to Use the Telemetry Tool

Developed in more than 30 years of Formula 1 racing, WinTAX4 is currently one of the top ranking PC applications for data acquisition and analysis in Motorsport competitions. As a matter of fact, the telemetry tool has been developed by Magneti Marelli Motorsport in order to analyze, organize in a database and check performance and reliability data of:

  • racing cars;
  • racing bikes;
  • simulators;
  • all Magneti Marelli products.

WinTAX4 is also one of the core focus topics of LapTime Club, Magneti Marelli’s international social innovation community specifically designed and developed to fuel members’ ideas about telemetry, electronic and electromagnetic systems. By now, already several challenges have been dedicated to WinTAX4:

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WinTAX4: not just for Motorsport Tech Specialists

As underlined at the beginning of the article, the first usage of WinTAX4 is strictly linked to the Motorsport industry.

On the other side and thanks to its great customizability, Magneti Marelli telemetry and data analysis software may also be successfully used in other fields, like the following 4 industries:

  • Video games
  • Health
  • Aerospace
  • Finance

Wintax Dashboard

Think outside the box: can you come up with innovative, breakthrough solutions how to use WinTAX outside Automotive and Motorsport? If so, share it in LapTime Club and become a reputed Tech Protagonist!

LapTime Club celebrates its First 100 Innovative Ideas


10 challenges and 100 ideas posted. If you believe in number symbolism this is a really good match.

On 12th April the LapTime Club Community achieved the important milestone of 100 innovative ideas posted, thanks to the enthusiasm and the active participation of the members who believed in the power of Open Innovation.

This important result dialogues with some of the comments that came up from LapTime Club Survey lunched at the beginning of this year.

One among all, if you remember, was:

Openness is a better way to go innovate as it sets the mind free of company goals and therefore improves creativity.”

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Where we are today

Since January 2014, the LapTime Club Community has seen a steady growth of ideas linked to the 10 challenges launched, as shown in the following graph:


The challenge that generated the highest number of ideas among LapTime Community members is:

“How could WinTAX improve team collaboration?”

This challenge has a total amount of 23 ideas and can also rely on the highest numbers of total comments (80) and votes up (162) for the ideas posted. These numbers show the LapTime Community members’ interest in themes like “collaboration” and “co-creation”, which are also the two main objectives of the community itself, and in WinTAX telemetry software, one of the core products by Magneti Marelli Motorsport.

A brief look at the following graph shows in details the LapTime Community participation on each challenge:


Where we want to go

Regarding this result, we’d like to think about the 100 ideas not only as an important milestone for the overall LapTime Club project, but as a starting point for community conversations resulting in more breakthrough suggestions and disruptive ideas. That’s because someone said:

“Challenges give us wonderful experiences so never stop, swing hard.”


Thanks to our LapTime Community members for helping us achieving our first 100 ideas together. Stay on track and never stop innovating!

Biometrics, Wearable Technologies and Motorsport

Biometrics Motorsport LapTime Club

After the recent victory of the Alessandro Sarcina’s idea of integrating Google Glass into the racing data collection, we would like to bring to your attention the topic of wearable devices, as it seems that wearable solutions, together with context-aware computing and biometrics find applicability also in the motorsport and automotive industry.

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New Technology

Wearable sensors are used in order to collect psychological and movement data, enabling constant monitoring. They have diagnostic, as well as monitoring applications*. Wearable technology has applications in gathering real-time feedback of athletes, as well as in monitoring disabled and elderly patients.  The decreasing cost of power processing and of other components is facilitating its widespread adoption and availability. **

Biometrics and Motorsport

Wearable systems will surely redefine how we use and interact with information and benefit many industries of different kinds. Given the recent developments in this field we could ask:

How could we take advantage of recent advances in information technology to improve the racing performance?
 Could there be a possibility to apply these new technologies to the motorsport industry and in which way?

For example, remote racing pilot monitoring systems based on wearable sensors seem to be just a matter of time in the quickly evolving technology environment.

Despite the recent developments in wearable sensor could let to a number of exciting motorsport applications, there are still significant challenges ahead before such solutions can be utilized with success.

Free your ideas!

Do you have any other ideas linked to the topic of wearable technology and its possible use in the motorsport and automotive industry? Be the change in the motorsport world by joining the LapTime Club community and suggesting innovative solutions!

Screenshot 2015-02-18 15.27.15

Remember to take the LapTime Club survey: either you are or not a Member, your opinions are very precious to optimize Magneti Marelli’s social innovation community and drive its future evolution.

* Patel et al., A review of wearable sensors and systems with application in rehabilitation, Journal of Neuroengineering and Rehabilitation, 2012
** Wikipedia.org, Wearable Technology

Simulation tools for the racing world

Simulation tools are used in order to predict and analyse the maximum performance of race cars and fast road cars over a defined path, typically a lap of a race track. They are used extensively by motorsports teams to prepare any race driver to improve their driving techniques, consistency and laps.

Since the first computer simulations which date back from the late 1960s, the world of simulation tools has evolved enormously. During the past 20 years many simulation tools developed for the racing environment have seen the daylight.

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Today computer simulations are employed in motorsports, either as an instructional tool regarding technique or strategy for an individual athlete or a team, or as an aid to equipment design and modification. As underlined by faqs.org, they combine four main distinct disciplines:

  • Computer science
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Kinesiology and human performance disciplines
  • Sport-specific coaching expertise


But why are they so useful and how do they contribute to the racer’s competitive outcomes? In other words, what are exactly their benefits?

  • Race car drivers can practice on a computer for better performance during the race;
  • Simulation tools help to understand the main reasons of the race car problems;
  • They allow good prediction of changes in trends and/or patterns;
  • They help improving the analysis of crucial racing data, by designing and validating everything (from traction control and anti-lock braking to suspension);
  • Conditions can be varied and outcomes investigated; critical situations can be investigated with less risks.

 Sun Tzu, the Chinese military general, strategist and philosopher said once:

“It is said that one who knows his enemy and knows himself will not be endangered in a hundred engagements. One who knows neither his enemy nor himself will invariably be defeated in every engagement.”

This is exactly the advantage that race car simulation tools can offer. They enable users to train themselves and better understand the car, so that – once arrived at the circuit – they are well prepared for every possible scenario.


By the way, Magneti Marelli WinTAX technology is the top telemetry analysis tool widely used in racing, able to display the results of over 3,000 vehicle performance parameters. Around WinTAX a number of open discussions and challenges have already been launched on the LapTime Club. If you want to find out how a simulation tool really works and explore all its functionalities and processing capability, please download the Wintax demo version or join now the LapTime Club community. Publish your most innovative ideas, take the unique challenge to become a motorsport engineer & innovator!

Magneti Marelli Motorsport goes to Russian GP: enjoy Sochi with WinTAX4

From 10th to 12th October 2014 Russia will host the next Grand Prix race. It will be located at the Sochi circuit, inside the Black Sea resort having the same name.

It is the first purpose-built Formula One facility in Russia, inaugurated in the same year and city where the Winter Olympics have been staged.

The race will be a great occasion to better explore Magneti Marelli Motorsport WinTAX4, ranked undoubtedly among the top PC applications for data acquisition and analysis in Motorsport competitions. You can find the full software’s description in the recent post titled: “An Introduction to Telemetry Systems and WinTAX”.

As a matter of fact, Magneti Marelli gives the possibility to download and start using a WinTAX4 demo version, including data to start doing telemetry analysis during the Sochi Grand Prix.

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How to use it? Just download WinTAX4 installation data here to get the zip file and follow the instructions included in the ‘User Guide’ pdf.

1. Install WinTAX4: run setup.exe from the installer package. Make sure you have the correct permissions to perform the installation (you must have administrator rights)

2. Launch WinTAX4 application from the desktop icon.

3. Download Russian GP data by clicking here. Unzip the content in .\WinTAX4\Data\ Directory. 

4. Click on menu File –> Open Data. A window called Databrowser will appear. The left panel of the Databrowser allows you to navigate throughout all the Windows directories. On the right panel you will see the list of the laps belonging to the selected session.

5. Select one or more laps on the Databrowser’s right panel and press “Enter”. The lap will be loaded in WinTAX4, ready to be displayed. A predefined layout is included to start playing.

Try now the WinTAX software by yourself, start your innovation journey: enjoy the race!

Motorsport and Mobile: which valuable touch points?

Those of motorsport and mobile are two professional fields very close and similar one to each other, for several reasons.

First of all, in both of them performances are determinated by the ability to be faster than other racers/devices. This important goal is reached through an ‘always on’ approach, that is the ability to reactively answer to any environmental feedback.

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In coherence with the above-mentioned point, both for motorsport and mobile worlds position is everything. An example? Mobile apps like Foursquare/Swarm and Around Me let users obtain great benefits by leveraging their geo-location. By the way, Forrester Research has recently introduced the mobile mind shift, a model that explains the users’ expectation to get what they want in their immediate context and/or moments of need* through the power of mobile devices.

Thirdly, motorsport and mobile fields are data-driven. Both of them are based on digital data, which must be collected, personalized and managed through specific data analytisis tools & visualization dashboards.

For all these reasons, the effective integration between the motorsport field and that one of mobile technologies become a really interesting issue for a broad network of stakeholders. By the way, on Magneti Marelli Motorsport LapTime Club members are currently trying to answer a challenging question focused on WinTAX, the company’s powerful data analysis tool.

To be more specific, how would it be possible to redesign WinTAX in order to make it mobile? Which features should be developed?


Since the launch of the challenge, many community members have been posting interesting technical suggestions and in-topic ideas. Now, we are waiting for you: join us and foster the brainstorming process!

* Forrester Research, Embrace the Mobile Mind Shift, solutions.forrester.com