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Magneti Marelli “Hackathon” at 2014 Motor Show: the Polytechnic University of Milan won the award for the best project

Enthusiasm and dynamism, but also team organization and concentration, combined with great commitment and passion: Magneti Marelli explored “New roads for innovation” at the 2014 Bologna Motor Show, involving university talents, with the possibility of carrying out training experience at the Company. The core point was the context of “Innovaction” with declination of the “New roads for innovation” concept and the Hackathon event on 10th December.

In the wake of the on-going experience with the LapTime Club, the online innovation laboratory for motorsport, Magneti Marelli organized its first LapTimeClub.zip Hackathon in collaboration with The FabLab Milan. It involved a challenge between universities scheduled in Hall 25 of the Motor Show. Four teams, each consisting of four students (attending the universities of Bologna, Brescia, Milan and Turin) came face to face in an eight-hour long challenge (from 09.00 to 17.00) during which they have been called upon to design and implement a technological solution in the automotive/motorsport field, tackling various design softwares, 3D printers and laser cutters.

All students have proven their talent, ability and creativity. After going head to head with the University of Bologna, The Milan team, composed by Alberto Taraborrelli, Stefano Giubilini, Matteo Moro and Attilio Trovato, with the tutoring of Leonardo Carraro (The Fablab), eventually won the award for the best project.

The jury of experts appreciated the original approach in the design of the physical part of the dashboard and the combination of graphics, design and software. Thanks to their success, the winners will have the opportunity to undertake internship within the company.

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This event is evidence of Magneti Marelli’s attention to new ways of conceiving technological innovation, also relating to the automotive industry, in particular to the “lateral and extended thinking” of the Internet and to new creative and collaborative modes enabled by new media.

Below you can see the Hackathon Official Video.

Experience the Official Photo Gallery and re-live the LapTimeClub.zip Hackathon through visual contents.

Magneti Marelli Motorsport goes to Russian GP: enjoy Sochi with WinTAX4

From 10th to 12th October 2014 Russia will host the next Grand Prix race. It will be located at the Sochi circuit, inside the Black Sea resort having the same name.

It is the first purpose-built Formula One facility in Russia, inaugurated in the same year and city where the Winter Olympics have been staged.

The race will be a great occasion to better explore Magneti Marelli Motorsport WinTAX4, ranked undoubtedly among the top PC applications for data acquisition and analysis in Motorsport competitions. You can find the full software’s description in the recent post titled: “An Introduction to Telemetry Systems and WinTAX”.

As a matter of fact, Magneti Marelli gives the possibility to download and start using a WinTAX4 demo version, including data to start doing telemetry analysis during the Sochi Grand Prix.

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How to use it? Just download WinTAX4 installation data here to get the zip file and follow the instructions included in the ‘User Guide’ pdf.

1. Install WinTAX4: run setup.exe from the installer package. Make sure you have the correct permissions to perform the installation (you must have administrator rights)

2. Launch WinTAX4 application from the desktop icon.

3. Download Russian GP data by clicking here. Unzip the content in .\WinTAX4\Data\ Directory. 

4. Click on menu File –> Open Data. A window called Databrowser will appear. The left panel of the Databrowser allows you to navigate throughout all the Windows directories. On the right panel you will see the list of the laps belonging to the selected session.

5. Select one or more laps on the Databrowser’s right panel and press “Enter”. The lap will be loaded in WinTAX4, ready to be displayed. A predefined layout is included to start playing.

Try now the WinTAX software by yourself, start your innovation journey: enjoy the race!

Motorsport and Mobile: which valuable touch points?

Those of motorsport and mobile are two professional fields very close and similar one to each other, for several reasons.

First of all, in both of them performances are determinated by the ability to be faster than other racers/devices. This important goal is reached through an ‘always on’ approach, that is the ability to reactively answer to any environmental feedback.

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In coherence with the above-mentioned point, both for motorsport and mobile worlds position is everything. An example? Mobile apps like Foursquare/Swarm and Around Me let users obtain great benefits by leveraging their geo-location. By the way, Forrester Research has recently introduced the mobile mind shift, a model that explains the users’ expectation to get what they want in their immediate context and/or moments of need* through the power of mobile devices.

Thirdly, motorsport and mobile fields are data-driven. Both of them are based on digital data, which must be collected, personalized and managed through specific data analytisis tools & visualization dashboards.

For all these reasons, the effective integration between the motorsport field and that one of mobile technologies become a really interesting issue for a broad network of stakeholders. By the way, on Magneti Marelli Motorsport LapTime Club members are currently trying to answer a challenging question focused on WinTAX, the company’s powerful data analysis tool.

To be more specific, how would it be possible to redesign WinTAX in order to make it mobile? Which features should be developed?


Since the launch of the challenge, many community members have been posting interesting technical suggestions and in-topic ideas. Now, we are waiting for you: join us and foster the brainstorming process!

* Forrester Research, Embrace the Mobile Mind Shift, solutions.forrester.com