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WinTAX4: Four Industries Where to Use the Telemetry Tool

Developed in more than 30 years of Formula 1 racing, WinTAX4 is currently one of the top ranking PC applications for data acquisition and analysis in Motorsport competitions. As a matter of fact, the telemetry tool has been developed by Magneti Marelli Motorsport in order to analyze, organize in a database and check performance and reliability data of:

  • racing cars;
  • racing bikes;
  • simulators;
  • all Magneti Marelli products.

WinTAX4 is also one of the core focus topics of LapTime Club, Magneti Marelli’s international social innovation community specifically designed and developed to fuel members’ ideas about telemetry, electronic and electromagnetic systems. By now, already several challenges have been dedicated to WinTAX4:

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WinTAX4: not just for Motorsport Tech Specialists

As underlined at the beginning of the article, the first usage of WinTAX4 is strictly linked to the Motorsport industry.

On the other side and thanks to its great customizability, Magneti Marelli telemetry and data analysis software may also be successfully used in other fields, like the following 4 industries:

  • Video games
  • Health
  • Aerospace
  • Finance

Wintax Dashboard

Think outside the box: can you come up with innovative, breakthrough solutions how to use WinTAX outside Automotive and Motorsport? If so, share it in LapTime Club and become a reputed Tech Protagonist!

LapTime Club celebrates its First 100 Innovative Ideas


10 challenges and 100 ideas posted. If you believe in number symbolism this is a really good match.

On 12th April the LapTime Club Community achieved the important milestone of 100 innovative ideas posted, thanks to the enthusiasm and the active participation of the members who believed in the power of Open Innovation.

This important result dialogues with some of the comments that came up from LapTime Club Survey lunched at the beginning of this year.

One among all, if you remember, was:

Openness is a better way to go innovate as it sets the mind free of company goals and therefore improves creativity.”

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Where we are today

Since January 2014, the LapTime Club Community has seen a steady growth of ideas linked to the 10 challenges launched, as shown in the following graph:


The challenge that generated the highest number of ideas among LapTime Community members is:

“How could WinTAX improve team collaboration?”

This challenge has a total amount of 23 ideas and can also rely on the highest numbers of total comments (80) and votes up (162) for the ideas posted. These numbers show the LapTime Community members’ interest in themes like “collaboration” and “co-creation”, which are also the two main objectives of the community itself, and in WinTAX telemetry software, one of the core products by Magneti Marelli Motorsport.

A brief look at the following graph shows in details the LapTime Community participation on each challenge:


Where we want to go

Regarding this result, we’d like to think about the 100 ideas not only as an important milestone for the overall LapTime Club project, but as a starting point for community conversations resulting in more breakthrough suggestions and disruptive ideas. That’s because someone said:

“Challenges give us wonderful experiences so never stop, swing hard.”


Thanks to our LapTime Community members for helping us achieving our first 100 ideas together. Stay on track and never stop innovating!

What Open Innovation means, and why Magneti Marelli Motorsport trusts In the Power of Connections

Nowadays, ‘open innovation’ is one of the hottest and most diffused keywords, strictly linked to (and fueled by) the social web revolution.

But in fact, what does this term mean? If applied to the economical field, open innovation is based on the idea that in a technological and people-driven world where knowledge is shared in a fast and worldwide way, organizations can’t follow anymore a ‘close innovation’ approach counting just on their own assets. On the contrary, companies must trust in collective intelligence, through the direct engagement of customers, supporters and brand advocates.

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The final outcomes? Lots of product, service and process innovations have been recently designed and shared by effectively leveraging user-generated ideas.


This strong commitment in heterogeneous and shared contributions ‘pushed’ Magneti Marelli Motorsport to launch the LapTime Club, the first motorsport’s innovation community specifically thought to fuel members’ ideas about telemetry, electronic and electromagnetic systems.

Magneti Marelli Motorsport LapTime Club

This online innovation laboratory about race engineering warmly welcome every technical specialist, field expert and motorsport technology enthusiast in order to develop efficient ideas, products and services for the racing world, as well as providing new suggestions for alternative and innovative uses of existing technologies through a score & badge system.

Join & register to the LapTime Club now, become a Top Innovator and get awarded!

An introduction to Telemetry systems and WinTAX

Telemetry could be described as the communication process needed to collect data from remote and/or inaccessible points, transmitting them in order to receive equipment for monitoring.

When applied to the motorsport field, the term stands for the storage and analysis of data acquired onboard the racing vehicle (car, motorcycle, offshore, etc.); insiders mean data transmission via radio to the pits, for remote and real-time monitoring of the vehicle during the competition.

For example, the following information are stored and analysed:

  • temperature of brakes, water, oil, fuel, engine, transmission, electronic control units and mechanical parts
  • pressure of all hydraulic systems (water, fuel, brakes, transmission)
  • data coming from the engine: RPM, injection and pressure, fuel, ignition times, etc.
  • data coming from the chassis: suspensions, pressure on aerodynamic parts, all data concerning transmission, tyres, stability, balancing under braking, etc
  • hundreds of diagnostics and mathematical channels indicating the results of software processing (strategies) carried out in real time by the onboard electronic control units

It is hard to imagine that there are dozens of cables hiding underneath the “skin” of a racing car, connecting electronic control units to all kinds of sensors. These sensors measure parameters and information such as, for example, the ‘number of laps’ or the ‘brakes temperature’.

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Magneti Marelli Motorsport has developed WinTAX, the top ranking PC application for data acquisition and analysis in Motorsport competitions. The tool is the result of more than 20 years of continuous evolution and partnership with the top teams in F1, DTM, WRC, Le Mans Series, GT, MotoGP and SuperBike. Its flexibility allows to use it at every motorsport level, adapting to different needs: from the highest levels of motorsport to those who looks for the first time at racing world. WinTAX4 is appropriate for an individual data analyst or for many professional engineers monitoring telemetry together.

Inside the LapTime Club, Magneti Marelli Motorsport new social innovation community, there are currently three main challenges focused on fostering user-generated ideas about WinTAX’s future development.

  1. How to re-design WinTAX to make it mobile?
  2. What kind of data dashboards are needed from WinTAX to create the ‘perfect report’?
  3. What features a WinTAX simulation tool should have?

Challenges accepted? Register now and start enjoying the LapTime Club. Become a Top Innovator and get awards!