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What Open Innovation means, and why Magneti Marelli Motorsport trusts In the Power of Connections

Nowadays, ‘open innovation’ is one of the hottest and most diffused keywords, strictly linked to (and fueled by) the social web revolution.

But in fact, what does this term mean? If applied to the economical field, open innovation is based on the idea that in a technological and people-driven world where knowledge is shared in a fast and worldwide way, organizations can’t follow anymore a ‘close innovation’ approach counting just on their own assets. On the contrary, companies must trust in collective intelligence, through the direct engagement of customers, supporters and brand advocates.

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The final outcomes? Lots of product, service and process innovations have been recently designed and shared by effectively leveraging user-generated ideas.


This strong commitment in heterogeneous and shared contributions ‘pushed’ Magneti Marelli Motorsport to launch the LapTime Club, the first motorsport’s innovation community specifically thought to fuel members’ ideas about telemetry, electronic and electromagnetic systems.

Magneti Marelli Motorsport LapTime Club

This online innovation laboratory about race engineering warmly welcome every technical specialist, field expert and motorsport technology enthusiast in order to develop efficient ideas, products and services for the racing world, as well as providing new suggestions for alternative and innovative uses of existing technologies through a score & badge system.

Join & register to the LapTime Club now, become a Top Innovator and get awarded!

Magneti Marelli Motorsport LapTime Club now opening: watch the video

Readers, fans, followers, passionates,

After a few months of testing and thanks to our beta members’ very precious help, Magneti Marelli Motorsport is ready and proud to officially launch the LapTime Club worldwide.

This new and innovative motorsport community is designed and thought to leverage open innovation dynamics by fueling members’ ideas about telemetry, electronic and electromagnetic systems, with a specific focus on data and performance analytics. 

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Below and on Magneti Marelli’s YouTube corporate channel you can watch the official presentation video.

Inside the motorsport community, new challenges about specific topics related to telemetry, electromagnetic and electronic systems will be periodically launched. Every innovation specialist, field expert and motorsport technology enthusiast is warmly invited to register and propose new ideas, sharing them with other LapTime Club’s community members.

More specifically, ideas can be discussed on the board and each member of the community will have the chance to take an active part commenting and voting to support them. By sharing expertise and opinions, people can help the most appreciated ideas to grow and become real projects!

Every contribution will be evaluated through a score & badge system, and a Magneti Marelli panel will reward both the ideas that receive the most votes from the community’s users and the members who have contributed in a significant way to the final success of this social innovation project.

The best ideas about telemetry, electromagnetic and electronic systems will be evaluated to become real technological projects.

Join the race innovation, start enjoying the LapTime Club: register, fuel your expertise and get great awards!