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Do you want to be our Guest at the F1 Grand Prix in Monza?


One of the most anticipated events of the year is coming, the Italian Formula One GP in Monza, one of the tracks that made the history of the Motorsport.

Get the chance to join us at the Magneti Marelli Hospitality, take the challenge we prepared for you dedicated to lighting technologies. If you’ll be a Smart Innovator, you’ll be our Guest at the Formula One GP.

How does it work?

Join the LapTime Club Community and submit your idea. The users who will submit the five best ideas will be invited to expose them at the Magneti Marelli Hospitality in Monza Circuit on Friday, 4th September. Save the date!

We will offer to five selected users a whole day with Magneti Marelli. Would you like to attend the Formula One practice session, a workshop with our engineers, a pit walk and expose your idea publicly in front of motorsport and tech fans, that will attend Monza GP?

As in an elevator pitch, you will have five minutes to present your idea and to try to convince the fans and the expert panel of experts.

And there’s more:  one of the five finalists will receive two tribune seat tickets for the race day, on Sunday, 6th September!

Take the challenge now!

So, will you be innovative enough to compete for this Motorsport premium experience? Register to the LapTime Club Community and take this challenge now!

Auto Shanghai 2015 Unveils New Roads to Automotive Innovation

China is the largest and the most rapidly growing automotive market in the world: over 23 million units sold in 2014 (+8% in comparison with 2013). In this scenario, Magneti Marelli marks a continuous growth trend with a turnover of 409.8 million euros in 2014 – compared to 378 million euros in 2013 and 287.4 million euros in 2012.

The sixteenth edition of Auto Shanghai opened its doors from 22nd to 29th April, in the new headquarters of the National Center for Exhibition and Convention. A great occasion to show the latest solutions in the field of sustainable mobility, connectivity and technological transfer – from racing to production cars.

More specifically:

  • Many innovations regarding the lighting section, where the most significant news of Automotive Lighting have been presented: the laser full beam module adopted on the new Audi R8, the full-LED Matrix Beam module adopted by Mercedes Benz and the Full LED intelligent projector developed with Audi for the Audi TT3, MY 2015, awarded the “Red Dot Best of the Best 2015″ for high design quality. The contribution in terms of eco-sustainability is underlined by the LED E-Light low beam – recognized by the EU as “Eco-Innovation“. Magneti Marelli Automotive Lighting also presented the electronic control systems (ECU for the management of the full-LED headlight) and the body computers.
  • Two multimedia totems introduce the area dedicated to the infotainment and telematics systems. The first represents the operation of the infotainment system with Genivi compliant software on automotive hardware in a Linux environment, while the second explains the operation of the telematic box with all the potential features that allow you to enable additional services related to connectivity.
  • A large exhibition space has been dedicated to powertrain technologies with a spotlight on the direct-injection GDI (Gasoline Direct Injection) systems, the hydraulic actuators for the dual clutch gearbox and the hybrid-electric modules (power inverter and battery management system) with solutions of low voltage power with less than 16 kw, extremely flexible and easily applicable to internal combustion engines. The 48 Volts PERF.E.T (Performing and Efficient Transmission) hybrid system, also represents the ideal synthesis of the technology transfer process between the “racing” world and the “road”.
  • The sporting nature of Magneti Marelli is presented in the Motorsport section, where technologies adopted in the most famous world championships are exposed. Among these, hydraulic actuators for gearbox and clutch, high pressure direct-injection GDI systems, electronic control units, Wi-Fi telemetry with high-definition camera and energy storage systems such as the 90 kW KERS (Kinetic Energy Recovery System) and the 60kW HERS basins (Heat Energy Recovery System).
  • The presence of Magneti Marelli at Auto Shanghai 2015 is completed with the technologies adopted from the sections of Suspension System (focusing on composite materials), Shock Absorber (Lifter, an axle lifter for sports cars that makes it possible to overcome obstacles such as bumps or ramps without bumping the spoiler against the ground), Exhaust System (printed silencers with variable cross-sections and catalytic converters for naturally aspirated engines and turbo) and Magneti Marelli Checkstar that presents in the stand the aftermarket activities of Magneti Marelli in China with the new visual identity.

Besides these new solutions and product innovations, Auto Shanghai is also marking the beginning of a new development in Magneti Marelli social media activities at a global level. From Weibo to WeChat, through YouKu and Iquyi; also LapTime Club will be delivered in the Chinese version in a few months. In the meanwhile, Chinese users could use the related QR code to leave their name and email address in order to be notified once the project will be online.

What about you? Not a LapTime Club member yet? Do not miss the chance to register to the community and start co-innovate the Automotive and Motorsport world!

LapTime Club celebrates its First 100 Innovative Ideas


10 challenges and 100 ideas posted. If you believe in number symbolism this is a really good match.

On 12th April the LapTime Club Community achieved the important milestone of 100 innovative ideas posted, thanks to the enthusiasm and the active participation of the members who believed in the power of Open Innovation.

This important result dialogues with some of the comments that came up from LapTime Club Survey lunched at the beginning of this year.

One among all, if you remember, was:

Openness is a better way to go innovate as it sets the mind free of company goals and therefore improves creativity.”

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Where we are today

Since January 2014, the LapTime Club Community has seen a steady growth of ideas linked to the 10 challenges launched, as shown in the following graph:


The challenge that generated the highest number of ideas among LapTime Community members is:

“How could WinTAX improve team collaboration?”

This challenge has a total amount of 23 ideas and can also rely on the highest numbers of total comments (80) and votes up (162) for the ideas posted. These numbers show the LapTime Community members’ interest in themes like “collaboration” and “co-creation”, which are also the two main objectives of the community itself, and in WinTAX telemetry software, one of the core products by Magneti Marelli Motorsport.

A brief look at the following graph shows in details the LapTime Community participation on each challenge:


Where we want to go

Regarding this result, we’d like to think about the 100 ideas not only as an important milestone for the overall LapTime Club project, but as a starting point for community conversations resulting in more breakthrough suggestions and disruptive ideas. That’s because someone said:

“Challenges give us wonderful experiences so never stop, swing hard.”


Thanks to our LapTime Community members for helping us achieving our first 100 ideas together. Stay on track and never stop innovating!

Wearable and safety analysis: a short history about idea generation in LapTime Club

As mentioned by the global analysis made by Gigaom in 2012, wearables may be described as:

“Computing devices that are always on, always accessible and easily worn on the body. They typically feature real-time information access, data-input capabilities, local storage and some form of collaborative communications ability.”

In the last few years, researches about wearable technologies and safety analysis have found heterogeneous and interesting touch points, in a range of different sectors like:

  • Health
  • Clothing
  • Gaming and Entertainment

Talking about this, the challenge launched last month in Magneti Marelli LapTime Club about possible touch points between Biometrics and Motorsport through wearable technologies generated buzz in terms of new and interesting ideas among the community members. It shows how the connection between Biometrics and Motorsport has been considered a nice and useful improvement in the motorsport field by LapTime Club Community members.

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Once the challenge was live, one of the community contributors launched an innovative suggestion: information gathered via wearable devices could be recorded in loggers and viewed in post processing with WinTAX. It could be considered helpful for recording blood pressure and heartbeat with important implications for measuring the human performance during a race. If you stop and think about it, can you imagine how many real time data can be immediately transformed into usable information?

Starting from this idea, the members shared other interesting comments and ideas about the possibility to connect Biometrics and Motorsport. One among them asked:

“Why do not project a new kind of overalls with health monitoring system integrated?”

This idea was also supported by a sketch made by another technical contributor:


This example shows how wearable tech is eroding the traditional boundaries between assistive technology and the consumer technology market. As interfaces get more creative and sensors get more powerful, sportsmen with different types of bodies will be drawn to technology that enhances senses, monitors health and eases interactions with the environment. As wearables become more and more a part of everyday life, these devices may shift our views on bodies and their limitations.

This is  the reason why Google has poured millions into eyeglasses, why Samsung has unveiled a companion watch for its smartphones, and why Apple is launching its smart watch. A new device revolution is at hand and it’s involving also the sport and motorsport world. So, what’s next?

Thanks to our LapTime Community for sharing interesting starting points about possible connection between Biometrics and Motorsport! What is your opinion? Take the challenge and start posting your suggestions and ideas. Keep innovating and stay tuned on LapTime Club!

Innovation Chat with Cristian, Top Innovator and Winner of LapTime Club 2014

After the final selection of LapTime Club 2014 Cristian Cascetta was the author of the second winning idea.

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He thought to embed a knowledge management system in WinTAX to open up all this knowledge and make it available to decision makers using Search Technologies.

Being an innovator means to have an idea that can make the state of the art of something easier and more understandable for others. By the way, to simplify a process and to make the urgency hidden in it clear for people can be a great challenge, but Cristian made it thanks to his active and enthusiastic contribution to the community. He had the opportunity to share his own idea with other innovation enthusiasts like him, improving and shaping his initial proposal thanks to community comments and reviews, becoming also a Top Innovator for his high level of engagement with the community itself.


Discover more about Cristian’s experience and suggestions through the following interview.


It’s a dialogue. We are bridging Magneti Marelli’s world of ultraprecise data analysis and high accuracy manufacturing  with the quite fuzzy world of information retrieval, unstructured documents and natural language processing. We share the final goal of leveraging sense making of data to empower decision making.  In the last three months we analyzed together potential innovation directions and now we are defining a first minimum viable product or maybe – hopefully! – a first killer application.

I’m bringing in my expertise in information retrieval and document systems analysis and I’m getting back from Magneti Marelli precious insights into motorsport needs and requisites. It’s a bit cliché, but in these months I experienced in first person how much motorsport forces you to confront with extreme operating conditions and incredibly fast paced processes. It’s so inspiring that it helped me to re-frame other ideas I’m working on in my more “traditional” domain, finding at least two or three interesting innovation directions.


It’s all based on observation and listening to people. I try to put on the anthropologist hat and get rid of prejudice, looking at things with a fresh eye. It’s a great humility exercise, you don’t have to be scared of looking sometimes terribly naive or to ask too simple questions, and if people think at you like a sort of strange version of Lieutenant Columbo, who matters?


 No, in fact I try to avoid to embrace too familiar paths. Obviously like everyone I have my own comforting rituals, spaces, objects and practices helping me to put myself in a mixed feeling of relax and enthusiasm to attack a new challenge.

 Usually I start reading very much, not necessarily staying on topic, sometimes also freely divagating, but trying to keep alive a present feeling of the problem I’m confronted with. It helps me to make fresh connections and find alternative paths to my problem.


1-Technicians. 2-Technicians. 3-Technicians!

When you are engaged in new projects or you are trying to innovate, you have the chance to meet a wide range of professionals. Many of them, designers, marketing guys, entrepreneurs have a positive attitude in expressing creative ideas, no matter how crazy these ideas are.

Technicians are often in a more reserved attitude. Sometimes they’re scared of not being clear, or of expressing their ideas in a too technical language, sometimes it’s a matter of fear of not doing your job if you’re too creative. I like to talk with technicians and push them to force the boundaries. And every time I find so much unexpressed value in those conversations, a real gold mine!


The first is abstract thinking. I’m very influenced by my history of technology and philosophy of technology education background. Abstract thinking helps you to keep thing in motion instead of rushing into the first – often biased and sub-optimal – working solution. Philosophy of technology forces you to search for deep structures in socio-technological systems, these structures help you to go beyond the barriers of hyper specialistic, often fragmented, engineering domains.

The second fundamental tool for me is cross-industry innovation. It’s like: “Ok, I’ve this technical problem, no matter if it’s not so relevant or instead it’s a core problem for this current project. Let me start by searching for an industry where the solution of this problem is a matter of life or death.” It’s always very inspiring and if you stumble twice on the same industry for different problems related to your project, then it’s very likely you’ve found one of those deep structures I mentioned above. Or, even better, you’ve found a new potential market for your idea!

Thirdly, I’m very interested in innovation methodologies. I really appreciate Triz the Russian “theory of inventive problem solving“, but I’m not strictly influenced by a specific methodology, instead I cherry-pick from different approaches depending on the current problem. What I like in innovation methodologies is that they help you not to overestimate the importance of intuition and creativity and to focus instead on the innovation process. When you work with or you meet creative, innovation-driven, interesting people – I’ve the chance of being in this happy situation – you can be overwhelmed by creative ideas. Innovation methodologies help you to channel all this energy.


Three are too many! I don’t have three suggestions. What I can say is that I rarely found such open-minded and true innovation driven attitude as with Magneti Marelli guys. When I started to follow LapTime Club community I was a bit anxious of proposing ideas in such a selective and exclusive domain as professional motorsport. What I feel now that I had the opportunity of discussing by person about my idea is that total outsiders like me are not only welcome, but they can bring in real value from other industries and experiences.

So, my advice is to accept the challenge and propose your idea. Sure, Magneti Marelli tech guys are very demanding and challenging, but what you’d expect? It’s motorsport, after all!


Thank you Cristian for sharing with us your experience and continue to enrich the LapTime Club community with your ideas!

LapTime Club: taking care of your feedback to optimize the Digital Experience


As the majority of you already know, on the 1st of March the LapTime Club survey has been officially closed. The survey has been launched at the beginning of February to collect your best opinions and suggestions in order to gain a better understating of the general perception of the project, while trying to draw its future evolution scenarios.

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The survey has been taken both by LapTime Club Members (77%) and Non-Members (23%), and it contains interesting feedback from passionate people all around the world.

So, which are the main findings, and how to optimize the project accordingly?

The analysis

LapTime Club as an innovative Motorsport social community

For the majority of respondents, the participation to an Open Innovation project like LapTime Club represents something completely new.

“I think it’s amazing to get the opportunity to create new ideas that could shape data acquisition software development.”

“Openness is a better way to go innovate as it sets the mind free of company goals and therefore improves creativity.”

The project’s pros and “social soul”…

The possibilities to directly interact with other Members and with Magneti Marelli Tech Experts are the two most appreciated dimensions. Innovative topics like connected cars, wearable products and simulation are being considered interesting for the future challenges.

The “social soul” of the project is underlined mainly by the following facts:

  • The types of channels leveraged by people to get in touch with LapTime Club are mainly friends/colleagues buzz (41%) and online platforms (like LinkedIn and Magneti Marelli website, 33%).
  • Nearly 52% of LapTime Club Members have shared the information about the project with their friends and colleagues.
… and its main challenges

On the other side, richer contents (like videos, interactive documentation, etc.) and a more consistent digital narration of the project’s “lifecycle” constitute two of the main challenges to spread the word about LapTime Club in a more effective and viral way.

Thank you

User-generated feedback is fundamental to better design any Open Innovation project.

By the way, we would really like to thank you all for the deep passion in sharing great suggestions. Each of them will be taken into consideration in the near future, to optimize the LapTime Club overall digital experience. In the meanwhile, keep on following, publishing your tech ideas and actively participating in the Magneti Marelli social innovation community!

The Challenge of Building User-Centered Open Innovation Projects

Open Innovation Magneti Marelli Motorsport LapTime Club

Nowadays, Open Innovation projects cannot be developed anymore (just) by simply following a monolithic and organization-focused approach.

As a matter of fact, like many innovative and marketable products and services are and must be designed around people, also Open Innovation digital platforms should be optimized in coherence with stakeholders’ needs, skills and abilities. Otherwise, the lack of fit could become really dangerous.

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This fundamental design approach lets join several and valuable social/business objectives:

  • To spur and boost users’ innovativeness and unique creativity;
  • To transform members into real brand/company advocates (do you remember the first Magneti Marelli LapTime Club winners, Cristian Cascetta and Alessandro Sarcina?);
  • To stretch the Open Innovation project lifetime, by ensuring a non-stop flux of user-generated ideas, contents and suggestions;
  • To let the members feel as active protagonists of the project.

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You and Magneti Marelli LapTime Club

As the majority of you already know, LapTime Club is the international community designed by Magneti Marelli in order to increase sources of inspiration and new ideas for the motorsport, automotive and racing world. Not only its launch, but also its constant optimization and evolution are driven by the identification of real members’ needs, through their  active participation in terms of ideas, comments and engagement.

On the 1st of March the LapTime Club survey has been officially closed. The survey has been launched at the beginning of February to collect your best opinions and suggestions in order to gain a better understating of the general perception of the project, while trying to draw its future evolution scenarios.

Are you curious enough to know and understand its main outcomes? Do not miss next week’s article; in the meanwhile, see you in the LapTime Club community! #LapTimeClub

From 20 to 7 Ideas: Who Will be the First LapTime Club Innovator?

The first round of the LapTime Club project has recently concluded, resulting in a top 20 Tech Ideas directly chosen by community Members. Starting from the amount of likes, votes and comments generated by LapTime Club members, the committee of Magneti Marelli experts has now selected 7 Motorsport ideas. Each one of them inspires innovation and proves in fact to be very revolutionary for the Automotive Industry: which ideas will be the winning ones?

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Check out below the selected ideas and their authors. If you want to discover more about each one, just take a look at the LapTime Club community!


Congratulations and many thanks to all the LapTime Club members for their contributions and active participation. Even if your idea didn’t make it to the top 7, consider yourself a real Motorsport Protagonist.

This weekend, during the Valencia Moto GP, Magneti Marelli experts will choose and announce the two winning ideas and the Top Innovator. Can you wait until the 9th of November for the final proclamation?