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Do you want to be our Guest at the F1 Grand Prix in Monza?


One of the most anticipated events of the year is coming, the Italian Formula One GP in Monza, one of the tracks that made the history of the Motorsport.

Get the chance to join us at the Magneti Marelli Hospitality, take the challenge we prepared for you dedicated to lighting technologies. If you’ll be a Smart Innovator, you’ll be our Guest at the Formula One GP.

How does it work?

Join the LapTime Club Community and submit your idea. The users who will submit the five best ideas will be invited to expose them at the Magneti Marelli Hospitality in Monza Circuit on Friday, 4th September. Save the date!

We will offer to five selected users a whole day with Magneti Marelli. Would you like to attend the Formula One practice session, a workshop with our engineers, a pit walk and expose your idea publicly in front of motorsport and tech fans, that will attend Monza GP?

As in an elevator pitch, you will have five minutes to present your idea and to try to convince the fans and the expert panel of experts.

And there’s more:  one of the five finalists will receive two tribune seat tickets for the race day, on Sunday, 6th September!

Take the challenge now!

So, will you be innovative enough to compete for this Motorsport premium experience? Register to the LapTime Club Community and take this challenge now!

Italian Grand Prix 2014 & Magneti Marelli WinTAX4: test the power of telemetry

The 5th6th-7th September 2014 Monza will host the Italian Grand Prix, one of the oldest and better known Formula One championship races inaugurated in 1950.

The race will also become a great occasion to better explore Magneti Marelli Motorsport WinTAX4, undoubtedly among the top ranking of PC applications for data acquisition and analysis in Motorsport competitions described in the recent blog post “An Introduction to Telemetry Systems and WinTAX”.

As a matter of fact, Magneti Marelli gives the possibility to download and start using a WinTAX4 demo version, including data to start doing telemetry analysis during the Monza Grand Prix.

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How to use it? Just register to the LapTime Club, click on the dedicated red button, unzip the file and follow the instructions included in the ‘Installation Guide’ pdf.

  1. Install WinTAX4: Run setup.exe from the installer package. Make sure you have the correct permissions to perform the installation (you must have administrator rights)
  2. Launch WinTAX4 application from the desktop icon.
  3. Click on menu File à Open Data. A window called Databrowser will appear. The left panel of the Databrowser allows you to navigate throughout all the Windows directories. On the right panel you will see the list of the laps belonging to the selected session.
  4. Select one or more laps on the Databrowser’s right panel and press “Enter”. The lap will be loaded in WinTAX4, ready to be displayed. A predefined layout is included to start playing.

 Keep on helping us in our innovation journey. Enjoy the race!

Photo credits: Wikipedia