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Infotainment in Motorsport: Don’t Miss LapTime Club Social Logbook

Infotainment is a specific type of content, media or other material that combines educational/useful information with entertainment dynamics. Which innovative solutions and best practices related to infotainment but useful for the Motorsport industry could you imagine?

Here’s just a snapshot of the challenge “What about Introducing Infotainment to the Motorsport Industry?” published on Magneti Marelli LapTime Club.

As a matter of fact, when focusing on the Motorsport and Automotive industry the term refers to the hardware/software products and systems built into, or added to vehicles in order to enhance driver and/or passenger experience.  Its main benefits are related to the enrichment the driver’s experience while offering innovative services like apps, multimedia readers, real-time content/information digital providers.

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The LapTime Club challenge focused on Infotainment spurred conversations and buzz in terms of new and interesting ideas, among the community members.

Once it was live, the first contributor suggested to design and implement a communication project: a social contest where LapTime members could produce photos of short videos (5 seconds long). They should try to capture unexpected images of things related to the Motorsport world and meaningful from a human point of view: beautiful takes of circuits (of scenic or romantic value), special actions in the pit stop, behind the scenes moments, celebrations, technical/mechanical exploits, etc. 

Also Alessandro Sarcina – one of 2014 LapTime Club winners – contributed to the challenge by suggesting a reading from Tech Crunch: “How Connected Cars Have Established A New Ecosystem Powered By IoT”.

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A few hours ago, a third LapTime Club member – a Pilot! – bring his expertise by advising to develop a variety of devices, with affordable price and through interconnected systems such as GPS and Gmeter. You can read his full idea here.

Infotainment matters: take the challenge to become a Race Innovator!

Thanks to our LapTime Community for sharing interesting starting points about possible connection between Infotainment, Automotive and Motorsport!

Now, it’s up to you: take the challenge and start posting your suggestions and ideas. Keep innovating and stay tuned on LapTime Club!

Rethinking infotainment in Motorsport and Automotive: big deal or (still) big challenge?

Infotainment - a neologistic portmanteau of information and entertainment – is generally described as information-based media content or programming that also includes entertainment content, in an effort to enhance popularity with audiences. When focusing on the Motorsport and Automotive industry, the term refers to the hardware/software products and systems built into, or added to vehicles in order to enhance driver and/or passenger experience*. 

Pros and cons of infotainment

Despite its great awareness among people and users, nowadays infotainment is still “read” and approached through a double lens.

On the one side, the usage of infotainment systems in Motorsport and Automotive becomes useful to enrich the driver’s experience while offering innovative services like apps, multimedia readers, real-time content/information digital providers. A related topic concerns connected cars, which have established a new ecosystem powered by the Internet of Things*.

On the other side -above all in the Automotive sector - the main issue is related to the amount of problems faced by drivers while using infotainment systems. To cope with this criticality, some Automotive brands are staffing dealerships with dedicated tech support specialists***:

While investigating whether the current explosion of automotive technology will cause owners of a late-model cars to visit a shop more often, everyone we spoke with agreed that he biggest failure with in-car technology has little to do with vehicle systems and more to do with owners. [...] And with automakers adding infotainment systems that increasingly rely on software rather than hardware – such as music streaming to a smartphone and then to the car via Bluetooth – issues with car owners rather than the car’s components have become more common.

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Infotainment in Motorsport: your opinion matters

As shown in the paragraphs above, the introduction of infotainment dynamics to the Motorsport and Automotive industry is still balancing among challenges to meet, future developments to exploit and criticalities to solve.

By the way, any breakthrough ideas linked to the topic? If so, come on board and join now the LapTime Club community: read other members’ suggestions and post your own ones!

Infotainment LTC

Last but not least, do not forget to take the LapTime Club survey: either you are or not a Member, your opinions are very precious to optimize Magneti Marelli’s social innovation community and drive its future evolution.

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