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WinTAX4: Four Industries Where to Use the Telemetry Tool

Developed in more than 30 years of Formula 1 racing, WinTAX4 is currently one of the top ranking PC applications for data acquisition and analysis in Motorsport competitions. As a matter of fact, the telemetry tool has been developed by Magneti Marelli Motorsport in order to analyze, organize in a database and check performance and reliability data of:

  • racing cars;
  • racing bikes;
  • simulators;
  • all Magneti Marelli products.

WinTAX4 is also one of the core focus topics of LapTime Club, Magneti Marelli’s international social innovation community specifically designed and developed to fuel members’ ideas about telemetry, electronic and electromagnetic systems. By now, already several challenges have been dedicated to WinTAX4:

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WinTAX4: not just for Motorsport Tech Specialists

As underlined at the beginning of the article, the first usage of WinTAX4 is strictly linked to the Motorsport industry.

On the other side and thanks to its great customizability, Magneti Marelli telemetry and data analysis software may also be successfully used in other fields, like the following 4 industries:

  • Video games
  • Health
  • Aerospace
  • Finance

Wintax Dashboard

Think outside the box: can you come up with innovative, breakthrough solutions how to use WinTAX outside Automotive and Motorsport? If so, share it in LapTime Club and become a reputed Tech Protagonist!

Motorsport and Mobile: which valuable touch points?

Those of motorsport and mobile are two professional fields very close and similar one to each other, for several reasons.

First of all, in both of them performances are determinated by the ability to be faster than other racers/devices. This important goal is reached through an ‘always on’ approach, that is the ability to reactively answer to any environmental feedback.

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In coherence with the above-mentioned point, both for motorsport and mobile worlds position is everything. An example? Mobile apps like Foursquare/Swarm and Around Me let users obtain great benefits by leveraging their geo-location. By the way, Forrester Research has recently introduced the mobile mind shift, a model that explains the users’ expectation to get what they want in their immediate context and/or moments of need* through the power of mobile devices.

Thirdly, motorsport and mobile fields are data-driven. Both of them are based on digital data, which must be collected, personalized and managed through specific data analytisis tools & visualization dashboards.

For all these reasons, the effective integration between the motorsport field and that one of mobile technologies become a really interesting issue for a broad network of stakeholders. By the way, on Magneti Marelli Motorsport LapTime Club members are currently trying to answer a challenging question focused on WinTAX, the company’s powerful data analysis tool.

To be more specific, how would it be possible to redesign WinTAX in order to make it mobile? Which features should be developed?


Since the launch of the challenge, many community members have been posting interesting technical suggestions and in-topic ideas. Now, we are waiting for you: join us and foster the brainstorming process!

* Forrester Research, Embrace the Mobile Mind Shift, solutions.forrester.com