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Wearable and safety analysis: a short history about idea generation in LapTime Club

As mentioned by the global analysis made by Gigaom in 2012, wearables may be described as:

“Computing devices that are always on, always accessible and easily worn on the body. They typically feature real-time information access, data-input capabilities, local storage and some form of collaborative communications ability.”

In the last few years, researches about wearable technologies and safety analysis have found heterogeneous and interesting touch points, in a range of different sectors like:

  • Health
  • Clothing
  • Gaming and Entertainment

Talking about this, the challenge launched last month in Magneti Marelli LapTime Club about possible touch points between Biometrics and Motorsport through wearable technologies generated buzz in terms of new and interesting ideas among the community members. It shows how the connection between Biometrics and Motorsport has been considered a nice and useful improvement in the motorsport field by LapTime Club Community members.

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Once the challenge was live, one of the community contributors launched an innovative suggestion: information gathered via wearable devices could be recorded in loggers and viewed in post processing with WinTAX. It could be considered helpful for recording blood pressure and heartbeat with important implications for measuring the human performance during a race. If you stop and think about it, can you imagine how many real time data can be immediately transformed into usable information?

Starting from this idea, the members shared other interesting comments and ideas about the possibility to connect Biometrics and Motorsport. One among them asked:

“Why do not project a new kind of overalls with health monitoring system integrated?”

This idea was also supported by a sketch made by another technical contributor:


This example shows how wearable tech is eroding the traditional boundaries between assistive technology and the consumer technology market. As interfaces get more creative and sensors get more powerful, sportsmen with different types of bodies will be drawn to technology that enhances senses, monitors health and eases interactions with the environment. As wearables become more and more a part of everyday life, these devices may shift our views on bodies and their limitations.

This is  the reason why Google has poured millions into eyeglasses, why Samsung has unveiled a companion watch for its smartphones, and why Apple is launching its smart watch. A new device revolution is at hand and it’s involving also the sport and motorsport world. So, what’s next?

Thanks to our LapTime Community for sharing interesting starting points about possible connection between Biometrics and Motorsport! What is your opinion? Take the challenge and start posting your suggestions and ideas. Keep innovating and stay tuned on LapTime Club!

Biometrics, Wearable Technologies and Motorsport

Biometrics Motorsport LapTime Club

After the recent victory of the Alessandro Sarcina’s idea of integrating Google Glass into the racing data collection, we would like to bring to your attention the topic of wearable devices, as it seems that wearable solutions, together with context-aware computing and biometrics find applicability also in the motorsport and automotive industry.

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New Technology

Wearable sensors are used in order to collect psychological and movement data, enabling constant monitoring. They have diagnostic, as well as monitoring applications*. Wearable technology has applications in gathering real-time feedback of athletes, as well as in monitoring disabled and elderly patients.  The decreasing cost of power processing and of other components is facilitating its widespread adoption and availability. **

Biometrics and Motorsport

Wearable systems will surely redefine how we use and interact with information and benefit many industries of different kinds. Given the recent developments in this field we could ask:

How could we take advantage of recent advances in information technology to improve the racing performance?
 Could there be a possibility to apply these new technologies to the motorsport industry and in which way?

For example, remote racing pilot monitoring systems based on wearable sensors seem to be just a matter of time in the quickly evolving technology environment.

Despite the recent developments in wearable sensor could let to a number of exciting motorsport applications, there are still significant challenges ahead before such solutions can be utilized with success.

Free your ideas!

Do you have any other ideas linked to the topic of wearable technology and its possible use in the motorsport and automotive industry? Be the change in the motorsport world by joining the LapTime Club community and suggesting innovative solutions!

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Remember to take the LapTime Club survey: either you are or not a Member, your opinions are very precious to optimize Magneti Marelli’s social innovation community and drive its future evolution.

* Patel et al., A review of wearable sensors and systems with application in rehabilitation, Journal of Neuroengineering and Rehabilitation, 2012
** Wikipedia.org, Wearable Technology