Radar Supersenses for Racing: an idea for FIA Formula E by Cristian Cascetta

Our famed user Cristian Cascetta (LapTime Club Top Innovator 2014/2015), decided to give us a Christmas present in advance. He spent many hours working on his Arduino in order to

“Give radar supersenses to racing drivers to help them understand what’s happening behind their car”.

Superadar for F-E

Cristian said: “Every time I see a racing duel I always wonder: “How can they defend from an attack while at the same time don’t lose focus on trajectories and speed?” Rear mirrors are ridicously small and visibility is always reduced at bare-minimal levels.

So I had this is an idea to improve race safety and performance in motorsport by giving “radar supersenses” to racecar drivers to help them understand what’s happening behind their car. I wanted to find a minimal interface to suit a single seater and a very natural way to draw the driver’s attention toward rear mirrors only when necessary.

I developed this idea for the Magneti Marelli’s LaptimeClub open innovation initiative, a community for boosting innovation in motorsport, a very interesting open innovation project. I thought it could be fun to try to prototype this idea with Arduino to make a cool weekend project with my son.

Click here to read the full report of the project!



  1. Good idea and can also improve safety. But this product already exist and is on the market, have a look to the Bosch Motorsport CAS-M light system. It’s a radar that will send out a can stream to help the driver to know if some one is behind them, where, how fast…you can then show the information on any display with LED or alarm:

    or even the augmented reality version of Bosch Motorsport North America widely used in LeMans:

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