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Dear user, thanks for visiting this page and for your contribute on LapTime Club‘s community. We are taking some time (don’t worry, it won’t be long) to improve the platform and revisit the project in order to offer you a better experience on LapTime Club.

You cant still post, comment, vote the ideas. Stay tuned, more activities coming soon!

EBEC Competition 2016: Italian Finals @Politecnico di Torino

YouTube Preview Image

Last week took place the italian national final of the European BEST Engineering Competition  organized by the Board of European Students of Technology association at Politecnico di Torino. 

The winners of the local phases , coming from the best universities of the peninsula, competed in the Team Design contest on the challenge sponsored by Magneti Marelli. The teams had to build an adaptive and regulable shock system which had to pass a specific final test in front of the jury.

Congratulation to the Messina’s team who won the competition and will represent Italy in august at the European Finals of EBEC 2016 in Belgrad.

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This is how we do innovation. Speech @Università di Trento

DSC_0636Two weeks ago Magneti Marelli joined the Career Day hosted by Università degli studi di Trento (Italy). The hole day was focused on the theme of Innovation. In this occasion to presented to the students how does Magneti Marelli Motorsport R&D works and how they can be noticed by use being active users of Laptime Club. Our community is a smart way to test skills of people, we want the best minds to join our team. Start now to share your ideas!

“Engineering of racing vehicle” students visited our plant in Bologna

Master in visita Magneti Marelli BolognaLast friday we hosted the students of the executive master of “Engineering of racing vehicles” from Datagest. After a two hours lesson focused on racing fuel injection systems with our engineer Andrea Ricci, the class visited our hi-tech injectors production plant.

What you don’t know, is that two months ago we launched a private challenge for these students on LapTime Club. Their mission was to elaborate a formula capable to calculate the usury of our MotoGP Engine Control Unit.

Few guys of this class are on the right way, and we are going to give them datas in order to discover if their formula works! Stay tuned on LapTime Club for more updates on this topic!

IMG_7018 IMG_7021 IMG_7028

Can you build a gimbal using wood, nails and glue?

YouTube Preview ImageLast week we challenged the students of Politecnico di Milano at the local phase of European BEST Engineering Competition. Teams  had 6 hours to project and build a gimbal (able to move on six axes of freedom) using only glue, wood, nails, wire and… creativity.

This gimbal had to be capable to test the inertial platform developed by Magneti Marelli Motorsport and equipped on all the MotoGP bikes.

Check out the video of the competition.

pic. Riccardo De Filippi

pic. Riccardo De Filippi

pic. Riccardo De Filippi

 Take the challenge to be a motorsport engineer, join our innovation community!

Radar Supersenses for Racing: an idea for FIA Formula E by Cristian Cascetta

Our famed user Cristian Cascetta (LapTime Club Top Innovator 2014/2015), decided to give us a Christmas present in advance. He spent many hours working on his Arduino in order to

“Give radar supersenses to racing drivers to help them understand what’s happening behind their car”.

Superadar for F-E

Cristian said: “Every time I see a racing duel I always wonder: “How can they defend from an attack while at the same time don’t lose focus on trajectories and speed?” Rear mirrors are ridicously small and visibility is always reduced at bare-minimal levels.

So I had this is an idea to improve race safety and performance in motorsport by giving “radar supersenses” to racecar drivers to help them understand what’s happening behind their car. I wanted to find a minimal interface to suit a single seater and a very natural way to draw the driver’s attention toward rear mirrors only when necessary.

I developed this idea for the Magneti Marelli’s LaptimeClub open innovation initiative, a community for boosting innovation in motorsport, a very interesting open innovation project. I thought it could be fun to try to prototype this idea with Arduino to make a cool weekend project with my son.

Click here to read the full report of the project!


Antonio at the MotoGP final round in Valencia

YouTube Preview Image

Antonio Pappaterra, winner of the LapTime Club Competition 2015 “Best Idea” award, was guest of Magneti Marelli at the last Grand Prix of this crazy MotoGP season.

This was the great chance to watch the final battle of Valentino Rossi competing for the title against Jorge Lorenzo.

Besides the races Antonio, whose dream is to become a race engineer,  met our technicians and had the occasion to observe them working during the whole weekend at the track.

Watch this short video and listen to Antonio first impressions about his experience in Valencia.

The winners of the LapTime Club Competition

LTC Competition Winners

October 26th has finally come. It’s time to discover who will be the lucky guy  that will fly to Valencia (first prize) for the last MotoGP of the season.

First of all, many thanks to all the users that participated to the LapTime Club Competition. We received very interesting ideas and we are happy that our users contribute to the development of the dashboards of the future.

But, let’s get down to business. After the Magneti Marelli experts panel’s ideas evaluation, we are happy to announce that the best three ideas are:




And last but not least, the Top Innovator award goes to Cristian Cascetta who will be our guest at Monza Rally Show in November!

Congratulation guys, please continue to actively participate in the LapTime Club Community. More news are coming soon!



LapTime Club Competition: LAST CALL!

Innovator, the clock is ticking! Missing a few days at the end of the LapTime Club Competition, if you have something to say about dashboards of the future, then it’s time to post your ideas on LapTime Club community.

To get the chance to win a trip to the last race of the MotoGP season in Valencia you just need to share your idea on one of this two challenges:

 “Motorsport dashboards: from algorithms to data visualization“ 

 “Configuring adaptable dashboard to fit extreme conditions“ 

The contest will expire on saturday 18th octoberBefore posting your idea, please read carefully the LapTime Club Competition Official Rules

Good luck!

 The image is courtesy of MotoGP Team "Avintia"

LapTime Club Competition 2015: dashboard of the future

Are you a tech specialist, an innovator or a young engineer? Do you want to participate in an international contest and win a trip to Valencia MotoGP 2015? If yes, LapTime Club Competition is just the occasion for you! 

Share your expertise and your most innovative ideas until 18th October 2015 to win the following prizes: 

  • 1st TOP IDEA: a trip to MotoGP Valencia (from 6th to 8th November 2015) 
  • 2nd TOP IDEA: a gadget autographed by a famous Motorsport pilot 
  • 3rd TOP IDEA: an exclusive one to one webchat with a Magneti Marelli Motorsport expert 
  • TOP INNOVATOR: two tickets for the Monza Rally Show on 28th and 29th November 2015 

Magneti Marelli reserves also the right to contact the most deserving participants to offer a possibility of an internship in its offices. 

Magneti Marelli MDU dashboard
Dashboard to the present day. The Magneti Marelli MDU.

In order to participate, submit your ideas in the following two challenges: 

 “Motorsport dashboards: from algorithms to data visualization“ 

 “Configuring adaptable dashboard to fit extreme conditions“ 

The purpose of the contest is to collect innovative and performing ideas linked to the two dedicated challenges and to identify the most talented individuals. The ideas submitted for the contest can be voted and commented by each member of the community. The Magneti Marelli panel of experts will judge the ideas.

Before posting your idea, please read carefully the LapTime Club Competition Official Rules